Friday, October 2, 2009

Moose, Meeses and Mooses......

Last weekend we went on a one day roadtrip up to Greenville, Maine. Once know as T9R10NWP (NOT kidding...), Greenville is on the southern tip of Moosehead Lake. Called Moosehead Lake because it supposedly looks like, you guessed it, a Moose's head. It sorta does and it is home to many, many, many Moose, and Mooses and probably some Meese, too.

Moose are big. Moose can be trouble for your car and for you, too. 
(Actual moose crash cars pictured below.) 
Your car is trouble for them.

Moose average 6 to 7 feet high at their shoulders and the males can weigh 380 to 720 pounds or more.
They can do a job on your car if you should make contact with one.

Traveling up the Maine Turnpike, we got off on Route 201 toward Skowhegan (I love that name).

This is the sign that greeted us to Greenville. Note the moose....

Cresting a hill, Moosehead Lake suddenly came into view. Nice. (See how it looks like a Moose Head?*&^%$#@)

In Greenville, you will find many, many, many, many, many things named after the Moose.
We stopped and got Mr. Downeastdoingstuff some take-out grub at the above place.

Then we found a nice picnic table on the shores of the lake to have our lunch. My pathetic coffee yogurt is in that red bag. The mister is eating a club wrap with, get ready, CHIPS ! (Not in my diet, I'd like to say.) (As long as I don't place said chip into my mouth.)

A girl on a moose...

A fabric store named after the moose.

I have no idea what this moosin' around store sells....

Roadkill, I guess. But it's for sale!!

If you can figure out the rules, you can go on a Moose Watch! 

Main Street in Greenville. 

We roamed the street and visited shops up and down Main Street. We almost stopped for icecream, but I was too full from having my coffee yogurt for lunch. (yeah, right.)

And on we went to our next adventure in my next post............

By the way, we did not see one real moose. Probably for the best.