Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Get me the tissues......

I just watched a very depressing movie.....The Lovely Bones. It’s about a 14 year old girl that gets murdered and she tells the story about it as she is watching her family try to deal with the fact that she is missing and presumed dead. They never find the body, which was deposited in an old safe and dumped in the nearest sinkhole. 

So I switched to America’s Next Top Model. This show is about several anorexic woman traipsing around trying to be America’s Next Top Model aka The Lovely Bones. 

This did not improve my mood while I’m sitting on the couch just having devoured 3 huge slices of sour dough bread slathered with a mountain of margarine. This was my dessert following a previous dessert which consisted of two cookies left over from the wedding. My days of applying for America’s Next Top Model are now officially over before they started. I might have Lovely Bones, but you can’t see any sign of them.

So I switch to Man Vs Food. If you’ve never seen this show it’s time you should. Watching a man consume massive amounts of food at one sitting makes you feel like you are Jenny Craig’s dietian. Makes you feel like, heck, I am in total control of what I eat. Where's that Top Model application?

Right now he’s eating a cheeseburger(s) that is 12 inches high. (They had to put a skewer in it to keep it from keeling over.) 

If he can eat it under 20 minutes, he doesn’t have to pay the $20 for the foot tall burger. What a way to save a buck.

Finally, flipping around the channels with the world's worst designed remote control, (thank you Time Warner) I find Biography. Now I’m OK. I'm really OK. It’s about ABBA.

Mamma Mia.

How many times have you watched Mamma Mia? 
Me? I can't count that high.