Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This morning I was watching the Today Show while having breakfast in bed and I learned something.

Did you know that some people WANT to have a bigger butt??


Kathie Lee said, "who knew?" She claims she's been spending all her life trying to make hers smaller.

Apparently there are unmentionables you can buy to enhance, pad, lift and separate your tush.
You can even surgically have some orbs implanted forever.

I laughed a little and then forgot all about it.


I went to Shaws supermarket, and then, checking out, right there in front of me, was a young lady about 19 years old and thin, with the biggest a$$ I've ever seen packed into a pair of short shorts.

I tried not to stare and wished I had the balls to take a photo, but she was with her mom who was giving the poor cashier guy a run for his money with, I kid you not, 4,000 coupons.

After he ran every g.d. coupon thru the scanner she asked him if the coupon for the water scanned? What? Now?? So he had to look through the $291 dollars worth cashier's slip and check.

So I had plenty of time not to stare at her butt.

I stuck out so much that I KNEW it had to be fake or enhanced....or something.

So once I got home I investigated....you know...for research purposes. Not that I would ever buy anything to increase my girth, although I could use some lifting.....


Here are some options for you.

A Butt Bra (no padding)
Adhesive falsies.....
And cheeks that are built into the panties, for your convenience.

Isn't life grand?

I wish this was the only thing I had to worry about.

Assinine. {sic}