Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Designer Clothes Pins...sometimes I wonder...about me!

  Sometimes I wonder, while I'm Downeast Doing Stuff, while I'm making, doing, sewing, designing something...WHY I'm even doing it? Sometimes I have no good answer other than, "I just like it."
  I guess that's good enough.
  I found this idea on a wonderful blog. If you like doing stuff, especially crafty things like I do, check out LISA'S blog. It's a wealth of information.

  On her February 1st post, she made fancy clothespins. I thought that was so cool, so I tried it.
You can go and see how she did it. This is how I did it......
I had a collection of tissue paper that I've been saving. Anytime I got a gift from someone with unusual tissue paper, I saved it.
Then I took the clothes pins apart. SAVE  THE  METAL  SPRING!@*%   Mine disappeared while I was decorating  and I had to dismember  another poor clothes pin !

Here are the supplies I used.

I tore the tissue paper up into small random pieces. I applied Mod Podge to the wood and put pieces of tissue paper into the wet Mod Podge, smoothing it out as I went along, wrapping the tissue paper all around the wood willy nilly. I even used my fingers to smooth it out.
Cover all the wood surfaces. Let dry on something plastic, metal or glass. (If you place it on paper to dry, it's going to stick.)
  DRY really well. (like overnight) (or here)

 Put the spring clips back on. THAT  WAS  THE  HARDEST  PART !! REMEMBER what it looked like before you took it off. You might have to find the groove in the wood with your fingernail for the wire to sit in. I'M TELLING YOU, IT WAS REALLY HARD. YOU HAVE SOME TRICK FOR THIS, LISA ??

  Well, that's it.
  I like my plaid one the best.

Now, what would I use these for? Certainly NOT for hanging clothes, God forbid. I will use mine to close chip and pretzel know...the important stuff !

other things you can do with clothespins:
Put them on your face. (click)
Make a gigantic outdoor sculpture. (click)
Stop smelling something. (click)
Hang up your underwear. (click)
Put your quadruplets in a basket and then put some clothespins around them. (click)