Sunday, July 12, 2009

I don't like to iron, do you?

My mother used to iron everything. Hankercheifs (precursors to kleenex), sheets and who knows what else? I have never seen an iron in my father's hands.

So when I got married, it took me about 15 minutes to realize that I ain't gonna be ironing anything like her.
It took me 15 minutes of ironing both of our clothes in the tiny space in our apartment between the dining 'area' and the living room, while my newly-wed  had his feet up watching a football game on the T.V., to realize that this is not the way it was going to be.

That was it.

Eversince then, for the past 34 years, it's been every man for himself. I iron my own stuff, and he irons his.


Here is a picture of me ironing in those good old days......

Now, speaking of ironing, someone I know thought it would be a good idea, one day, to iron a shirt while it was ON his body. This person is normally an intelligent human being, but on this particular day, there must have been a mental lapse of some sort. An episode. He now possesses a permanent reminder, a branding, of exactly what the shape of the tip of that iron was. Look for yourself....
A forensic department, if this was a crime scene, would be able to say instantly and unequivocally, 'Case Closed'.

I agree.

Now, upon further investigation, apparently not everyone irons like my mother did, or even like I did back in those days.
For example...
I remember my mother used to spritz her clothes with water, roll them up, put them in plastic bags and put the clothes in the Frigidaire,  for a while. (DON'T ask me why....)
Now, this guy just goes to the arctic to iron, thus not needing a fridge. I guess I never thought about who ironed the penguins suits !!

This guy must be high!

No need to spritz the clothes where this guy irons. ( I don't know, but if there's a tag on every hairdryer that tells you not to use it in the tub, wouldn't there be one of those tags on an iron, too?) I'm just saying....

This guy needs to invest in some wrinkle-free clothing.

See, everyone spritzes their clothes before ironing!

Just make sure you check that tow rope while you are ironing! Nice and taut. 

Back of a Taxi......

Anyway, anybody notice, that all of these people ironing (except for me at the beginning) are MEN?

Again, case closed.