Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OH, N.Y.C., the whole world keeps coming....

Lyrics from the musical ANNIE....and so true.

In fact, the days we were there, so was the whole world! It was so crowded, the whole world HAD to be there!!

(Hey, I'm from Maine, where it's a 'traffic jam' if there are more than 3 cars at the stop light.)

Here are some images from our journey.

The view of the NYC skyline from the ferry terminal to go to Ellis Island. (Jersey side)
Blustery, raw day.

In a line boarding Miss New Jersey ferry. Notice the buildings to the left with the green roofs, one pointed and one round. The Twin Towers used to stand behind them.

Another view from the ferry terminal.

The terminal building from my seat on the ferry. It was great. I picked the seat right next to the heater. Nice.

Entrance to the Ellis Island Museum.

The immigrants traveling to the United States lugged their crap around in these types of luggage.

Next day, in the city. We started walking around at 42nd Street, wandering around aimlessly, crashing into 'stuff' as I was walking mostly looking UP.

Leaving Times Square.

After seeing Radio City Music Hall, Rockerfeller Plaza, and many store front displays, we ended up in Central Park.

Still pretty crowded for a park.

As picturesque as these things are, they have a certain aroma.

We ended up around 72nd Street and the Dakota, where John Lennon lived and died.
Yoko Ono donated a million dollars to Central Park to create a haven for John Lennon fans to wander, sit, remember and imagine.

After walking all day, we took the subway back to the bus which took us back to our car.

A lovely day was had by all.