Friday, January 2, 2009

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to take down the Christmas tree. It's always a sad, wistful time for me. It's so beautiful come dusk  when the lights get turned on. Need no other lights in the room. It's glow is so soothing and calming. It's been a wonderful tree. We got a Fraser fir this year and it has barely lost a needle in three plus weeks. We've never had such a healthy tree.
I actually dread putting it up every year. The task of putting the lights on falls to me. I dislike putting the lights on, but I do it, mumbling.

There are so many ornaments that have a story. Old ones, handmade ones and crazy ones.

This is an ornament from my childhood. I have about seven or eight old ones. Every once in a while, I
unwrap the ornaments and find one that is in pieces. I guess they get fragile as they get older, just like us. I love the old ornaments.

This one on the right my son made when he was very little. It's Santa! Well, let me explain. His suit has faded to pink and his skin, well, it's developed a tan. One arm is held out in front of him and he's holding a jingle bell. The other arm is flung around his back, holding a pack and there is a blue teddy bear hanging out of the pack. His feet are rather flat. It is one of my sweetest ornaments.

The two on the left are special, too. The snowflake is one of the many my mother made for me. I have about eight of those. And there are many others that were hand made by her for our tree. She is a very good cook/baker and very good at knitting, crocheting and crafts.  A very smart woman.

Now the french fry, ah yes, the french fry. My husband wants to heave it or have it experience an unfortunate accident, but it's one of my favorite. 
Several years ago three of my cousins from Slovakia came for a short visit. We all went out to DiMillos restaurant in Portland, Maine, and I ordered something that had french fries. One of my french fries was the longest fry ever created on this earth. I couldn't eat it, I knew it was making history, so I wrapped it up in a napkin and took it home.  Weeks later I found it on a shelf and it was hard as a rock. (and in this process, it shrank considerably.) Long story, short, I made a french fry Santa ornament and it's hung on our tree every since.

So that's it. Down it all comes until next year.  :-(