Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'll drink to that.....

Setting the scene....

Mr. DEDS and I, his brother and girlfriend are enjoying a beautiful summer evening, sitting around a nice, round outdoor table on her patio enjoying glasses of wine, beer and shrimp.

She has a dog chained to a long, long rope nearby. Said dog keeps a yellow ball in her mouth 24/7. This dog likes depositing the yellow ball near or on people so that said people pick up and toss the saliva coated ball. Dog races to catch it and brings it back, hoping to repeat the scenario.

Guess what happens when dog meanders around the table trying to get us to toss her ball (she's being ignored as we have much more stimulating conversations to tend to...), resulting in her rope being wrapped around the table legs one time, and then, and THEN brother-in-law decides to not just toss the ball gently into the yard, but to heave-ho it at 90 miles an hour to parts unknown behind where I am sitting? 

Said dog launches at rocket speed to retrieve the ball, simultaneously catapulting the entire table at super sonic speed in my direction. If that wasn't bad enough, the entire contents of everyone's wine and beers are now soaking into my carefully thought out ensemble. I have never been so wet in public in my regular clothes.

The following picture was taken AFTER I already changed my alcohol 100 percent SOAKED top.

As I told my brother-in-law, it's a good thing I like him.